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Take advantage of the benefits you’ll receive from our nation-wide network of moving agents. We make any long-distance move easy.

Costs will be dictated by how much stuff you’re moving, how heavy it is, and the number of miles the shipment will be traveling to your new home.

Cutting the costs for a long-distance move is simple: move less stuff (or less heavy stuff). If you have heavier items that you have not used for a long time, it may be better to dispose of them before moving.

One other factor affecting your move: if you’re moving from Florida to New York, well, you’re not in Florida anymore – the New York end of the journey will cost more because of the difference in labor costs between the two states. Ask the moving companies how this affects the costs.

Planning a move cross country or just a State away?

Planning a move to or from the Jacksonville area? For any of your out-of-state moving and storage needs, choose one of North Florida’s most trusted long-distance movers, 1st Choice Movers. Having served the Jacksonville area since 1996, we understand the challenges that come with a long-distance move to or from Jacksonville.

Long Distance Moving Experts

1st Choice Movers specializes in long-distance moving, we have the knowledge and capabilities to meet all of your nation-wide moving and storage needs. At 1st Choice you are treated like family, so all of your belongings will be safe and secure. When you choose 1st Choice as your long-distance moving company,a member of our knowledgeable staff will work with you every step of the way, keeping you up to date and making your move easy and stress-free.

We make sure to offer the most competitive pricing on long-distance moves in North Florida. Long-distance move pricing is based on the weight of your shipment and distance of your move. The prices are largely dependent on regulated government tariffs. Additional charges may be incurred for specialty move services such as gun safe moving, and specialty crating and handling.

Other long-distance moving services we offer include:

  • Packing– Many customers prefer to have their belongings packed professionally to avoid risk of damage. You may choose to customize your packing options by requesting 1st Choice to pack all of your items or only those that are fragile or of high value.
  • Debris Removal– As a courtesy to you and to the environment, 1st Choice can customize your package to arrange for debris removal at your new destination.
  • Storage– We offer ample nationwide storage options for temporary or long-term storage when a little extra space is needed.

Legal Stuff

Make sure the interstate mover you select has been assigned a USDOT number, is registered with FMCSA to transport household goods between states, and has the proper level of insurance.

You can determine if a mover is registered with FMCSA by visiting or calling FMCSA at (202) 366-9805 for licensing and (202) 385-2423 for insurance.

Moving Checklist

The following checklist is a handy tool to help you prepare for your move, and understand what you will need to know and do during each phase of your moving process.

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